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Jul 6, 2020

There are many of us that have a different relationship with time. By that, some of us are what we call time blind. That is when we not only loose track of time, but also have difficulty estimating how much time you might need to perform some task or project.

You do Not have to have an ADHD diagnosis to experience being time blind. All brains can underestimate time for a whole host of reasons. But those with ADHD, do get most of the attention when it comes to the subject of time.

This podcast, Dave talks with Jaclyn Paul a writer and Ap developer. Jaclyn also runs the website ADHD Homestead where she writes about ADHD and all types of topics associated with it. Jaclyn wrote an article recently about how she combats her time blindness and Dave and Jaclyn discuss some of her techniques.

Jaclyn and Dave discuss what being time blind looks like and what can happen when we completely lose track of time. And they chat about how sometimes being time blind can be humorous and how many times it can be frustrating.

Jaclyn talks about some of her strategies she uses to reduce being time blind including one special technique that involves the kitchen and keeping on track.

She also goes through some of her favorite techniques and methods including the Apple watch.

You can find Jaclyn Paul here: