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Feb 11, 2023

As individuals with ADHD, by the time we are adults, we have experienced and internalized hundreds of thousands of negative inputs about who we are and how we are.  This can create defensiveness, people-pleasing, perfectionism, social anxiety, oppositional behavior, and other defense mechanisms.

But one thing we need to recognize and talk about openly is shame. 

Our guest Diann Wingert, therapist turned coach, says it is the elephant in the room for adults with ADHD.

Diann gives us a general definition of shame and explains the difference between guilt and shame.

She also gives people a few basic examples of shame then you may be able to relate to.

Diann also explains why she has called shame and ADHD, the elephant in the room.

She discusses why for people with ADHD, making mistakes can equal shame and the habits we can build to get ourselves out of this pattern.

And Diann gives us a road map for tackling shame in our lives, including understanding self-awareness, forgiveness, understanding that shame is a spectrum, and understanding how to take an honest look at situations in our lives that we can avoid.

Diann Wingert is a Business Strategist, Coach & Mentor and Host of The Driven Woman Podcast. Connect with Diann on her website: