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Jul 9, 2022

Grant Crowell is back to continue the conversation about how to return to the office successfully. Grant is the Author of Grantasms Creative twisted words for cool people! and a self-professed social wordsmith. Grant has extensive experience in corporate training and support.

Grant discusses several of the challenges some of us face when asked to return to an office setting. These include having a new work set up such as a desk or workspace as well as adjusting to a possible hybrid scenario. He also discusses maybe not having an ideal office setup.

Grant also talks about how your routine could change because of a different schedule, and the need for different types of communication and real-time interaction.

Grand and Dave discuss the benefits of going back to the office. Those of us with ADHD are social animals so that face to face time for many of us is a benefit. Not only in the office but our ability to go out to lunch or other social activities. It also helps build new routines and work discipline. And of course, it gets us out of the house.

Grant talks about what we can do to analyze our best work and conditions. That includes an audit of what is working and what is not and what you may be challenged within the workplace. He also discusses how to advocate for ourselves including having discussions and conversations with coworkers and your supervisor about how you prefer to work and how you can be most productive for your organization.

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