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Mar 2, 2020

This week we are talking about time again but this is not a time management episode. This episode we are talking about how those with ADHD experience time differently than others. Dave sits down with ADHD Coach, Shelly Collins. Shelly also co-hosts the ADHD podcast Translating ADHD with Cameron Gott who has also been on Overcoming Distractions for a couple of discussions.

Dave and Shelly discuss what adults with ADHD struggle with when it comes to time and of course, the list could become numerous. But they also point out that those with ADHD are not the only ones that have challenges with time and that it is important for anyone with ADHD to understand this.

Dave asks Shelly what time “feels Like” for adults with ADHD and how that can be different than those that are neurotypical. Shelly discusses time horizons and how many with ADHD struggle with long term planning in regards to time. Does the future exist for adults with ADHD and what is destination thinking.

They also discuss topics such as procrastination as well as other forms of time delay that could be mistaken for time management issues.

And Shelly gives he tips for starting down a path of having a better relationship with time.

You can find Shelly Collins at:

And find Translating ADHD the podcast at: