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Nov 4, 2019

Grandmaster Chris Berlow is back on Overcoming Distractions to talk about how to set and achieve the biggest goals of your life.


In 2017 Chris climbed Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet) in Tanzania, in 2018 he went to Everest Base Camp (17,600) and climbed Kalapathar (18,508) in the Himalaya’s in Nepal, in 2019 Chris went to Ecuador and climbed Cotopaxi (19,347) which is one of the tallest active volcanos in the world.


Chris will tell us about how he prepared to do these climbs and he tells us what drives him to set and achieve big goals such as climbing.


He talks about some of the highlights of those climbs and what he did to prepare mentally for these climbs.


He answers the questions:

How do we get “out of our head”? 

How do we deal with frustration? 

How do we set and achieve the biggest goal of our life? 


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