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Nov 7, 2020

We have a great discussion with Author, Kate Gostick this week.

Kate is the author of two books, Finding a Place to Park My Melon and The Spy Who Saved Christmas. First, Kate explains the unique title of the book and what it means to park your melon. Kate, born and raised in the North section of the UK, explains why where she comes from, this phrase might not be as strange as those of us in America might think it is.

We discussed the topic of dyslexia, what it was like growing up, the challenges that Kate faced in the education system, as well as a discussion around whether she feels she got the proper support as a young person with dyslexia growing up.

As an author in writer that just happens to have dyslexia, Kate talks about how she writes, her writing process and how she is able to have the achievement of writing two books. She also answers the question of whether some people think that it is odd that a person with dyslexia can write a full-length book. She dispels that myth right away.

She talks about the process of success, productivity as well as failure and she offers her inspiration for those of us who may have a different wiring in our brains.

Kate is full of energy and has never let her dyslexia hold her back at all. She also has family members that have dyslexia and together, they live a life full of enjoyment and satisfaction, supporting each other every step of the way.

Kate’s Website

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