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Apr 10, 2020

What is ADHD? What role does dopamine play in the brain? How does dopamine work in the brain? These are some of the questions we answer in this episode of Overcoming Distractions the podcast this week.

Benjamin Cheyette, MD, Ph.D is the guest this week and we go back to some basics of ADHD and the brain. Maybe you were diagnosed with ADHD but don’t really know more about the how ADHD really works and what some of the characteristics are. Ben breaks ADHD down beautifully and with a lot of detail.

Ben and Dave spend a lot of time on dopamine. What dopamine is and how it works in the brain. Dopamine is not an ADHD thing. Every human relies on dopamine as well as animals and Ben walks us through a very detailed explanation from the neuroscience point of view. Ben says that it is the reward system for the brain, and we all need it.

Ben also takes time to distinguish between short term dopamine rushes such as when someone likes your photo on social media and longer term dopamine such as when you find the job and career that you love.

Ben wraps up by discussing what it takes to be you. At least in the world of ADHD, many of us must find out who we are and what we like and dislike. Ben says to start with writing down your values and finding what you want to accomplish and what you ultimately need to say no to and cut off.

Ben is also the co-author of the book ADHD and the Focused Mind. He talks briefly about the book and some of the lessons in the book.

You can find the book here;

Find his blog here on Phycology Today;