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Apr 4, 2020

This week on Overcoming Distractions, we talk with Brendan Mahan about what he calls the Wall of Awful. Brendan who has been on the podcast before and was featured in the book, Overcoming Distractions talks about how those who struggle with various takes can find a way to tackle those responsibilities that might be plaguing them to no end.

Brendan is also the founder of ADHD Essentials and coaches individuals of all ages. He runs the popular podcast by the same name.

Brendan says that there is a progression that many with ADHD go through when it comes to getting things accomplished. They run from failure, disappointment, rejection, worry, self-doubt and the emotions run high sometimes. There are just some days when anyone, regardless of whether they have ADHD or not, can run into this Wall of Awful and we need to find ways to tackle this wall.

Brendan talks about the ways in which you can tackle the Wall of Awful. Some ways are much better than others. He talks about putting a door in the wall, smashing though the wall and going around the wall. He talks about the strategies involved in trying to get from goals and tasks to done and accomplished.

Brendan and Dave also spend time on the topic of email and how it can slow our days down. Brendan shares some of his tips for making email more manageable and fun at the same time.

In this podcast, Brendan answers the common question, why is it so difficult some days to get things done! And he has the answers.

Find Brendan Mahan at his website which includes ADHD Essentials the Podcast.