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Dec 12, 2020

This podcast is dedicated to the journey of self-discipline. At times to be clear, it may be a tough discussion, we get in your face a little bit, and we show you what's possible when you can implement some self-discipline into your life.

We have back Giovanni Deinstmann, a mindfulness and discipline coach based in Sydney Australia. Giovanni works with all types of people including those of us with a distracted mind.

We have a frank discussion about how to implement self-discipline strategies into our daily lives. We talk about how long-term goals should take precedence over our short-term urges and instant gratification. We recognize that this is one of the biggest battles for many with adult ADHD and in fact we also recognize that it can be an hourly battle to reduce our short-term urges.

We discuss why the distracted mind is challenged with self discipline and some of the strategies to slowly get on the path of disciplining your life so you can thrive.

We address how many with ADHD can run out of steam or energy during the day and how we can factor that into practicing self discipline for the long term.

Giovanni also discusses what some may think is a radical approach to hitting the reset button with his monk week. He describes it as a dopamine detox, staying away from bad dopamine such as social media in other instant cravings.

This is part one of a two-part podcast series with Giovanni on self discipline.

Learn more about how to work with Giovanni here: