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Jan 16, 2021

We are continuing to learn the lessons from the year 2020 in order to have a much more productive 2021. Many of us have lost track of time, had to adjust our routines because of COVID-19 and have found out what it really means to be productive.

On this episode we are going to discuss what productivity really means to an individual and will focus in on how to identify the productivity strategies that work for you. We have back Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking of True Focus Coaching. She is a time management and productivity guru and has been on Overcoming Distractions before with her expert advice and tips.

We start by discussing some of the lessons that many of us may have learned about productivity as a result of the year 2020. And Sarah asks the question, what went well? A question we should all be asking ourselves. Focusing on the negative aspects and what we did not get done, does not help us at all. How did you move the ball forward this past year?

Sarah and Dave also discuss that there is not one bullet proof productivity technique. Everyone is different and you need to experiment with different strategies to find out how you can be most productive and manage your time officially. Experimenting is the answer to finding this out for yourself.

Sarah discusses other aspects of productivity such as having a good relationship with your calendar in your to do list. She discusses the importance of building tools for productivity and finding simple tools to help you get more done with the time that you have.

And Dr. Sarah discusses what productivity is. When you get to do what is important to you, when you can be effective been getting things done, and how you could achieve your own goals with increased productivity.

She ends by asking you one important question. What is one meaningful thing you have done this week?

If you are struggling with productivity after this past year and you want to figure out how to take the lessons from what COVID-19 has forced us to do and turn those into positives for 2021, you need to listen to what Dr. Sarah has to say in this podcast.

You can find Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking at True Focus Coaching;