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Jun 22, 2020

On this episode of Overcoming Distractions, we talk about a common buzzword lately and that’s the topic of pivoting. You can call it pivoting, change of direction, or change of course. Whatever you want to term it, some of us are going to make a major change in our lives more than once.

For many with ADHD, we can get pretty good with this. But this podcast is a great discussion for anyone who is considering a major change in their life. You do not have to have ADHD to benefit from this discussion.

The guest this week is Sherry Dutra of Dutra Associates. Sherry is a professional certified coach working in New England but has had clients all over the world. She works in the areas of talent development, career management as well as serving as a retirement coach for many. She has a wealth of expertise when it comes to making major life and career changes.

We often hear the word Pivot so Dave asks Sherry what pivoting really means. We talk about some of the more common reasons that would cause someone to want to make a major change and if she has seen more people take “inventory” of their career during the COVID 19 crisis.

Sherry walks listeners through the steps a person can take to minimize any mistakes when making a change in your career life or business.

Does it always have to be a big change? Or just a small shift? Sherry answers this question about maybe making small changes that help us feel renewed.

What does Sherry caution people with before going out and making a pivot? She talks about real motive, adequate finances, education and training.

Sherry wraps up the conversation with her top tips for pivoting, making a career change or starting a new business.

You can find Sherry Dutra at her website: