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May 6, 2020

This week, Benjamin Cheyette, M.D. is back on Overcoming Distractions to speak about how you can embrace your ADHD brain. Many of those with ADHD do struggle with many of the negative aspects of having ADHD but countless also embrace that ADHD brain they were given and have used it for forge great careers and launch successful businesses.

On this podcast, we discuss how adults with ADHD can embrace their strengths that come with ADHD and learn how to live with and manage some of the limitations that they might be experiencing. We also first take the time to discuss why some individuals may or may not identity themselves as ADHD or having ADHD and we do address how some may struggle with getting to a place where they can feel they are thriving in life.   

Dr. Cheyette also talks about the fact that some run away from their ADHD and decide not to address it or even characterize themselves as someone who just might have a different brain. We discuss the pros and cons of that situation.

How do we work toward embracing ADHD or the brain we were given? Dr. Cheyette talks about how we can look inward and find the good in our ADHD. We also discuss why it is important for people to focus on the positives and Dr. Cheyette offers his perspective from a clinical point of view

Ben also discusses the difference between an ADHD coach and a psychologist like himself. When should you see someone like him and when does it make sense to use the services and guidance of an ADHD coach. Having a professional by your side can help you embrace your own ADHD in different ways.

Find Dr. Cheyette’s article we mention in the podcast below.