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Dec 10, 2022

Many adults with ADHD either want a passion project or need to do something that allows them to feel a sense of purpose. When we embark on these types of projects, we feel energized, excited and fulfilled in life.

This episode features Morgan Hancock, founder of Bourbon with Heart, based in Kentucky. Bourbon with Heart is a nonprofit that helps fund the arts and other nonprofit organizations.

Morgan is a commercial real estate professional with ADHD, a U.S. Army veteran, and a successful entrepreneur, and she shares her tips for navigating a busy life and creating a passion project.

  • Morgan discusses how many with ADHD need to embrace some type of chaos in life.
  • She talks about how a basic To Do List saved her life.
  • She discusses time blocking, including how she handles her commercial real estate duties and nonprofit responsibilities.
  • Morgan also discusses how in some cases, impulsivity is a good thing when it comes to passion projects. Allowing many to take on risks that others would not.
  • She also discusses how she learned the value of teamwork in the military and how to work with others.
  • Morgan discusses how we cannot be scared to fail if we're going to be successful in business and life.

Find Bourbon with Heart here and explore all the great things they're doing.

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