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Sep 25, 2021

For many with adult ADHD, the right technology can be a game-changer. Whether that is applications that help us run our business or something as simple as maintaining and sharing a grocery shopping list. We can't escape technology anymore in our lives and we must embrace what helps us thrive.

Helping us navigate the many apps that are available to us is Brittany Smith, from Devise & Conquer Coaching. Brittany offers exclusive coaching when it comes to helping adults with ADHD find just the right apps and technology for their lives.

Britney discusses whether ADHD responds better to apps and technology or whether we prefer pen and paper. Or does ADHD respond to both methods?

Britney discusses how entrepreneurs and business professionals with ADHD can consider the several types of apps including time management, mindfulness and nother crucial pieces of technology to help us with our professional lives

And she walks us through the process of finding the right apps that work for us as individuals with ADHD. Britney has a number of recommendations for apps to help us organize our lives and she shares a few of her favorites.

Brittany also recommends a series of automation tools to help us write our lives in our business.

And she recommends monitoring what we use for technology and using it to better our lives, not complicate it.

Brittany also recommends when you're starting the use of a new app to make sure you utilize it for a few weeks to see if it works for you. You must give it time in order to effectively evaluate whether it's a good fit for your life or business.

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