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Oct 9, 2021

How do you go from being broke, getting a divorce, and then creating a thriving successful life with adult ADHD? The answer is in this podcast episode. If you want to engineer a successful life and consistent habits, make sure you listen to this conversation.

This week Dave has a conversation with Aron Croft. Aron has turned his past experiences into a successful coaching and consulting practice. While we joke about crashing and burning on this segment, there are some valuable lessons to be had.

Aron discusses his story of been diagnosed with ADD, earning minimum wage, being broke, getting a divorce as well as how he got through Harvard. While he always achieved good grades in school, he went through numerous job changes and other struggles until he realized that he should try to get an official diagnosis.

Aron has implemented many systems in his life to achieve success and he coaches others to do the same. He discusses ways to manage and thrive with adult ADHD, and the ways we can implement motivation in our lives.

He talks about engineering progress as well as engineering consistency to get the things we want in life. He also discusses how the brain processes information when we have ADHD and the strategies to get things done.

And he discusses must-haves to thrive with adult ADHD.

Those include celebrating quick wins, stopping the self-blame, finding meaningful goals that are self-generated as well as self-education on adult ADHD. He thinks it is very important to find the support you need and most importantly, never give yourself problems you do not need.

You can find Aron Croft at his website here.