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Apr 23, 2020

The title of this podcast interview is interesting and so is the project by the same name. What would our world look like without the minds of those with ADHD? The ADHD mind is responsible for so many of the inventions, discoveries and other things we enjoy and many of us are unaware of that. Those with ADHD are thinkers and problem solvers and so much progress has been made by the minds of neurodiversity.

This podcast has Dr. Kirsten Milliken and ADHD Coach Kris Mitchell as guests. Their project “Would You Want to Live In A World Without ADHD?” is meant to show the world that there have been many positives from the world of ADHD.

We always hear about negatives with ADHD but the three talk about some of the positive aspects of ADHD.

They discuss why those without ADHD should change their perspective about ADHD as well as individuals with ADHD. Both can have a negative view.

The group talks about why so many with ADHD need to chart their own course including some of the professionals they profile on the website.

How does someone really find out what their strengths are? Dr. Kirsten and Kris have some thoughts on how to really home in on what you are good at.

Dr. Kirsten and Kris talk all about the project “Would You Want to Live In A World Without ADHD?” Why they launched it, what they are trying to achieve and how you can be a part of this groundbreaking effort.

They also answer the question- What life lessons do you feel can be taught through the lens of ADHD? To anyone regardless of whether they have ADHD or not.

This is a great discussion about looking at ADHD through a different and positive lens.

You can be a part of the project by logging on to their website: