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Nov 25, 2019

This week Dave sits down with Cena Block and they discuss why many of us always feel too busy. Cena is an ADHD coach, working with many professionals and entrepreneurs. Cena is also a certified organizer coach and productivity consultant.


Why do I always feel so busy? Cena talks with Dave about this important question.


Dave and Cena discuss why many of us feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get what we need to get done. We always feel like there is just too much on our plate. Cena talks about the reasoning behind this and offers her thoughts on the way our busy world works today.


Cena talks about some of the reasons that contribute to our business including time management, cluttered mind and clutter spaces as well as our lack of systems in our business life.


Cena offers us some advice for when we are actually too busy and we have too many things on our plate. Sometimes we can feel busy but other times, we actually do have too many items on our to-do list. Cena sorts this out for us.


Cena also walks us through how to begin the process of managing how busy we are and how busy we feel and gives us some actional tips to think about.


You can find Cena here at her website: