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Jan 22, 2022

This week we tackle a common question that many adults with ADHD have.

Should I use a therapist or an ADHD coach?

Back on the podcast is Diann Wingert, former therapist and now mindset coach working with adults that have ADHD. Diann is uniquely qualified to answer this question and talk about when you would want to work with a therapist and when an ADHD coach might be able to provide you with the tools you need.

Diann first discusses the differences between a therapist and an ADHD coach. She talks about what each can provide and the skills that each discipline might possess. She says sometimes it comes down to a therapist looking at past experiences you have. An ADHD coach would work with you to build a thriving future with tools, skills, and accountability. However, she cautions you that that is not always the case when working with both.

Diann also cautions listeners to recognize that most of these working relationships, especially with a therapist should not be long-term. For example, if you're seeing a therapist for 10 years, you have to ask yourself why. And do you really need it at this point?

When choosing a therapist or an ADHD coach, the first and most important factor is to make sure it is a good fit. Does this professional get you and do they respect you? And of course, very important, do you feel they can help you and are they confident they can help you as well?

Diann also cautions listeners to understand that there are many therapists that have not been formally trained in ADHD. You don't want to be in a position where you're teaching your therapist about ADHD so ask them for some examples of how they have assisted other clients with ADHD.

And Diann wraps up her conversation with Dave about choosing an ADHD coach and some of the things to look out for.

You can learn more about Diann Wingert and the Driven Woman Podcast on her website.