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Dec 17, 2022

In this new episode, we explore emotional and cognitive processing and how to communicate effectively at home and in the workplace.

Brendan Mahan of ADHD Essentials comes back on the podcast to discuss processing and communicating during challenging situations. Situations that could involve conflict present themselves not only at home but in the workplace and it's important for us to build the skills to manage Interactions with others effectively.

Brendan starts the podcast by giving three quick tips for thriving with adult ADHD in 2023.

Brendan takes time to break down emotional and cognitive processing, runs through many examples, and discusses when these intersect.

He gives great advice on processing emotions in difficult situations.

Brendan also talks about how we need to validate our emotions.

Other discussion points include being honest with ourselves.

Asking for criticism to allow for personal growth.

Noticing our emotions

Allowing those emotions to take place.

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