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May 29, 2020

We have Dr. Lara Honos-Webb back on Overcoming Distractions to talk about how to make your gifts shine with ADHD. Many of us with ADHD need to work extra hard to find our gifts as well as believe that our ADHD can be a gift. With so many negative thoughts about our attention span and other traits, we often feel that our ADHD is a total curse.

Dr. Honos Webb gives is a sense of why there is so much stigma in the public associated with having a differently wired brain. And we reverse that question to find out why so many with ADHD have a personal sigma about themselves and not believe in their own gifts.

She also helps listeners understand how we can actually convince ourselves that we have gifts associated with our ADHD. We may fall into that negative talking trap and she walks us through how we can all better understand our gist and positive qualities.

We talk about the workplace and ADHD and how we can gain more confidence in the workplace and how we can thrive and show our boss or our employer how valuable we can be to an organization. And, how we can have more confidence in ourselves in business and in life.

Dr Lara gives us her top tips for ways we can identify our gifts and put them into action including some great tips on self-care and mindfulness to help of foster more creativity and harmony in our lives.

You can find out more about Dr. Lara Honos Webb here including many of her books on ADHD: