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Sep 16, 2020

On this bonus episode of Overcoming Distractions, it's all Dave and no guest this time. Dave talks about what is on the minds of many during this COVID-19 era and as kids go back to school how we can start to adjust to get back to some new normal or a new routine to increase time, productivity, and focus.

In short, some random thoughts from some personal experience from the past several months and how to make the most of our personal situations. What has worked for him and adjustments he is making as an entrepreneur.

Dave shares his personal thoughts on getting kids back to school reworking your routine, finding flow and some of the best ways to be productive now that the kids are back in school. Understanding the kids could be remote learning in person or both. Dave also takes the time to talk about new ways to get work done creating small habits, taking an inventory of your priorities and seeing if this is the time to start something new.

And Dave also goes through a couple tips that he has been using himself such as making sure his desk is clean, saying no to commitments that he cannot commit to. Something as simple as taking a walk instead of going to the gym and finding some new ways to work to make productivity that much easier.