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Dec 1, 2019

This week, Dave chats with Peter Shankman, author of the book, Faster Than Normal. The book is about adult ADHD and how to use that gifted brain you were given at birth. Peter also hosts a very popular podcast by the same name.


Peter Shankman as you may know is a very successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Peter travels the county and the world and can be in New York one day, and across the globe the next day. And that’s what Dave and Peter discuss.


How to manage your ADHD and thrive with ADHD when you are a busy entrepreneur.


Peter talks about how he has created routines that help him with his very busy schedule. Whether he is in New York or another part of the world, Peter keeps a routine to make sure he stays on track and as productive as he can be. Peter talks about the importance of exercise and working out. And how he uses it to stay on track when he might cross several time zones.


Does Peter have a different routine for when he’s home and when he travels? He’ll answer that question as well as how manages his busy schedule in a different time zone.


Peter also talks about whether he uses pen and paper to keep track of everything or if he uses technology for projects, to-do lists and other tasks. He talks about some of his favorite aps he uses to stay productive and why he pretty much puts his life in the cloud.


And Peter gives some hope to those who may be raising a child or young adult with ADHD and that may be struggling. Many who have gone through hard times with ADHD come out very successful in business and Peter has a few words to say about staying positive.


Peter has been a tremendous advocate for how you can thrive with ADHD and how you can see the positive aspect of having ADHD. As long as you are managing it properly. Find out some of Peter’s top ADHD tips in this value-packed episode.


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