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Nov 12, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you should disclose your ADHD to your employer, boss, or coworkers? Maybe even your clients?

First, this is your choice, but hopefully this discussion will help you make the right choice for your situation.

This week we have back Grant Crowell, Author of Grantasms Creative twisted words for cool people!  and a self-professed social wordsmith.

Grant has been an employee and a contractor he's talked about his ADHD, and in some cases, he hasn't talked about his ADHD.

In this discussion about disclosing your ADHD in the workplace, we cover the following:

  • What are the negatives of disclosing your ADHD?
  • The positive examples of disclosing ADHD.
  • Resources available to understand your options for reasonable accommodations.
  • What reasonable accommodations are in the workplace?

Grant provides several tips to help you make the decision about disclosing your ADHD to your employer.

  • Find an ally if possible.
  • Obtain an official diagnosis of ADHD.
  • Understand your strengths in the workplace.
  • Don't wait too long if you need accommodations.

Grant is hosting a webinar about how to get workplace accommodations for ADHD. The link is below as well as other links to connect with Grant.

Find Grant’s book here:

Connect with him on YouTube: