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Nov 18, 2019

This week we have Jeff Copper back from DIG Coaching to talk with us about working memory. Lost your car keys, forgot why you walked into a room or forgot to pack the right cloths for your trip? Your working memory is probably to blame.

Jeff explains what working memory is and how we need a good working memory to get things done during the course of our day. How working memory can affect our productivity and frustrate us when we do forget things are a major topic of discussion.

Jeff and Dave also have a little fun at our own expense. Forgetting things around the house such as walking into a room and not knowing why you are there is sometimes amusing. But also, in business, it can affect our business and the people around us if we don’t come up with solutions.

Jeff gives us real life scenarios and small examples of tests we could do to see how our working memory manages and he runs through actionable ways in which we can come up with solutions to the challenge of a lack of working memory.

Jeff also lays out a number of tools he and others use to keep track of daily tasks and large projects such as Evernote, Copy Talk and Live Scribe.

Find ADHD Coach Jeff Copper at these websites: