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Oct 4, 2019

This week we are talking about ADHD and entrepreneurship, something that Overcoming Distractions was founded on. We chat with Rick Fiery of Inventive Labs based in Massachusetts.


Inventive labs is just that, a lab were those who think and learn just a little differently, can grow, thrive, learn and build their ideas. With a main focus on entrepreneurship, Inventive Labs also focuses on career advice, gap years and they host a pitch competition.


Rick and Dave discuss more about Inventive Labs and what the atmosphere and vibe there is like.

Rick chats about why he feels feel those with ADHD make great entrepreneurs and what separates someone with neurodiversity from others in the area of entrepreneurship?


Finding a career for many with ADHD can be a challenge so Rick discusses how Inventive Labs helps in that area and how the team atmosphere helps everyone thrive and drive their ideas forward.


He discusses how to bring ideas to the next level including writing a business plan and how to get funding for your new business idea.


And Dave asks Rick one of those powerful questions. How do you recommend someone with ADHD, etc.. “find themselves?”


Find out more about Inventive Labs here: