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Nov 11, 2020

In this podcast Dave takes a few minutes to reintroduce himself to new listeners as well as those who have listened for a while. Don't worry, he doesn't go all the way back to his childhood but he gives you a perspective of his role as an entrepreneur and why he felt it was necessary to write the book Overcoming Distractions.

Dave discusses why it was important to show adult ADHD in a positive light while recognizing that many with ADHD do struggle on a daily basis. What he found when he interviewed people for the book is that while they did struggle from time to time, there were many things that they had in common that allowed them to be successful and thrive in business and in life.

Not everyone with ADHD is a train wreck. And Dave wanted to tell the stories up those adults with ADHD who are able to use their different brain and become successful. And the publisher agreed. There needed to be more books on adult ADHD that focused on the positives as well as simple and critical strategies to manage the day-to-day challenges of adult ADHD.

Dave also talks about some of the common themes that come up when you talk to successful people with adult ADHD. And these are many that he himself has tried to focus on in his own personal life. Those include a finding a career and a job that you love. And knowing when to pivot due to a loss of interest or an industry fundamentally changing as Dave has experienced.

Dave and others feel it is incredibly important to get a grip on your time which many adults with ADHD struggle with. However, those with ADHD are not the only guilty ones when it comes to losing track of time. We all do it. Dave and others feel that having confidence in your life is mission critical to thriving with adult ADHD. And many struggle with this because they grew up in a school system that did not give them the confidence they needed as an adult.