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Feb 24, 2020

This week we chat with Sarah Cheyette MD about social anxiety. While many adults with ADHD might be very outgoing and have the gift of being a great communicator, some of those with ADHD also experience social anxiety in various situations.

Sarah Cheyette is the author of two books on ADHD; ADHD and the Focused Mind, as well as Winning with ADHD.

Sarah starts out by describing just what social anxiety is and how those with ADHD can experience this in various settings, both at home and at work. She discusses negative thinking and the neuroscience around it. Sarah also talks about the anxious part of our brains and that sometimes, we have challenges thinking straight when we are nervous.

Dave and Sarah talk about extrovert versus introvert and how for many of us, depending on the situation, can be both. Many with ADHD are outgoing. Can we be both?

Sarah says that from many that experience social anxiety, it can start at an early age. Many with ADHD experience a large amount of negative talk as we grew up. From school and classroom, as well as bad report cards to other areas of our lives where maybe we didn’t quite fit in.

Dave and Sarah talk about having more self-awareness about social anxiety and how you can better understand your own challenges. They discuss the types of issues can this cause as an adult or young adult including college and getting into the workplace.

And Sarah goes through some of her tips for managing social anxiety and getting more comfortable in public settings.

You can find Sarah Cheyette at: