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Feb 20, 2021

Back on Overcoming Distractions is ADHD coach Jeff Copper. Dave and Jeff tackle the subject of ADHD and self-regulation. One of our core executive functions as humans is self-regulation. It is important to understand this in ourselves and how to be more self-aware about our emotions in various situations.

Jeff says that self-regulation is the ability to direct an act back on yourself to change your behavior to change the future. Jeff also states that it's the ability to pause and ponder before you proceed. In other words, those of us with ADHD need to think before we act or react.

Jeff walks us through why the ADHD brain has challenges with self-regulation as well as some of the more difficult aspects of self-regulation including some of the more common ways we struggle with this.

Jeff discusses with Dave some of the ways we can do a better job with self-regulation and some of the systems he works with his coaching clients. That includes limiting temptations, learning how to downregulate, limiting choices, how to override certain situations, and more importantly, how to become much more self-aware of our emotions.

Jeff also lists several examples of how dopamine plays into self-regulation including instant gratification and delays in gratification.  He talks about many strategies for self-regulation including exercise, pausing, and more.

Jeff talks about his approach when he's working with coaching clients as well.

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