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May 13, 2020

The power of positive self-talk is the topic for this important podcast this time. There are many ways to thrive with Adult ADHD and many ways to focus on your strengths. This episode is decided to having a positive mindset and learning how to be nice to yourself.

The guest this week is Lara Honos Webb, a clinical psychologist based in California and the author of many books on ADHD.

We talk about how many of us, ADHD or not, get stuck in a trap of negative self talk and where that negativity comes from. For many with ADHD or other types of different brains, school was not a great place for us and in many cases, it was the cause of negative thoughts and patterns.

We discuss they types of things you may find in common with people that get in this habit of negative self talk and how this can progress into other areas of life.

Lara talks about how negative self talk can affect us and affect others around us and why it is such a negative force in our lives.

We discuss the benefits of positive self talk and why it is so important to our wellbeing and mindset. And what brain scans can tell us about how to talk to ourselves.

Lara walks us through how we get on a path of minimizing these negative behaviors and some final tips for everyone, whether we have ADHD or not.

Find Lara’s article on Psychology Today here.

Lara’s website for more info.