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Aug 19, 2020

I’m looking for you the listener to tell your story and at the same time, give others advice on how to minimize the distractions in life, become more focused and get more out of life. It does not have to be focused around ADHD. As long as you can provide value to the listeners of Overcoming Distractions.

If you have experience in creating time management practices, entrepreneurship, productivity, and solid tips for those in business, that will help others.

If you have an inspirational story of how you have overcome the odds in life, or business and become successful despite some setbacks, please send in your story. Did you have a horrible time in school? Let’s talk. Have you found the perfect career and want to share that with others, lets talk.

Have you come up with an awesome business idea? Cool, lets talk.

Go to and hit the Contact page. Don’t forget to fill in as much detail as you can including what other listeners can take away from our discussion.

Remember, I cannot get back to everyone who submits an idea but please know that every single submission will be read.