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May 14, 2019

One major distraction in any size organization is when there is workplace conflict. When your team is not getting along, getting on the same page or working together as a team, conflict arises, and distractions become part of the workplace.

This time we chat with Carol Marzouk, “executive lion tamer” with Leadership N Soul. Carol gives us some great insight into what happens in any size organization when conflict comes into play.

Here is what we discuss:

  • Some of the main reasons for workplace conflict?
  • How does someone recognize that conflict is becoming a problem?
  • Is there good conflict? If so, how can that be productive?
  • Is conflict worse in a small business rather than a larger organization?
  • How does constant conflict distract us as well as the overall business?
  • How do you work to align an organization?
  • What if we just can’t get along?
  • Carol’s top tips for “taming the lions”

Learn more about carol here;