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Nov 14, 2020

Productivity strategies need to work for you and what works for others may not be an effective strategy for your own productivity. We can learn techniques, try new tactics, and listen to others about what worked for them. But when it comes down to it, you need to experiment with various strategies and get comfortable with the Productivity Tools that help you.

On this podcast, Dave has a discussion with Jandra Sutton who is an author, columnist for various publications as well as an entrepreneur. It was her article in Entrepreneur Magazine that caught the attention of Dave as she discussed the topic of finding productivity strategies that work for the individual. She talked in her article about what Dave has been talking about for a long time. The fact that not every productivity strategy works seamlessly for everyone.

Jandra was diagnosed with ADHD around the age of 30. She talks about some of the instances leading up to that diagnosis including work her career struggles that she faced as well as challenges around productivity.

Dave and Jandra discuss how women with ADHD can be diagnosed much later in life as an adult and she talks about whether she feels the system including education failed her.

With discussion then takes a turn into productivity strategies. Many are looking for a quick fix, magic wand, or even a silver bullet. They want quick answers on what will work for a whole host of ADHD struggles including productivity. The discussion centers around the fact that everyone has their own favorite and effective productivity techniques.

No one can tell you what will be 100% effective when it comes to time management, productivity, or any other challenge you are facing. You can learn techniques, but the only way it will be effective is if you decide it will be.

For example. Jandra says that for a time she used the Pomodoro technique but now it is ineffective for her. Dave on the other hand likes the Pomodoro technique and credits finishing his book in seven weeks to that productivity and time management strategy.

As with many conversations on the podcast, Jandra is also a busy and successful entrepreneur that just happens to have ADHD. She talks about her strategies for being a successful entrepreneur staying focused, being patient, and trying to enjoy the ride.

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