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Feb 26, 2022

Planning seems to be another challenge that many with adult ADHD must deal with. While the topic of planning could be a much larger conversation, on this podcast episode, we discuss what it takes to plan out tasks and projects in our professional lives.

If you need to get better at planning your professional or personal life out, this is a great discussion with a ton of valuable tips.

Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright from Taking Control…The ADHD Podcast joins Dave to discuss ways those of us with ADHD can get better at planning as well as executing on those plans.

First, Nikki, Pete, and Dave discuss why people with ADHD have challenges with planning at many levels. They discuss how certain executive functions can get in the way of planning projects and tasks as well as more extensive items such as an entire workweek. But they also make it clear that those with ADHD are not the only ones who have challenges with planning. People without ADHD also could use a lesson in planning as well as entire companies

Nikki, Pete, and Dave discuss how just planning your day the night before can be a game-changer. We hear this all the time but many of us do not practice it and end up sitting at our desk the next day with no plan.

The discussion evolves into planning on a much greater scale including how being meticulous with your weekly calendar can help you plan projects, execute much better as well as manage your time and distractions. When you have a system in place for managing your entire week with proper planning, it is much easier to make progress.  Something as simple as color-coding your calendar can make a huge difference in your professional life.

They also discuss how a lack of planning creates a domino effect in an organization, affecting others around you.

Nikki, Dave, and Pete discuss whether planning hinders the creative process or can it help the creative process blossom? Some people feel that too much planning gets in the way of creativity and idea generation.

What are some of the ways we can plan and be organized as an entrepreneur or business professional and have plenty of time for creativity? The gang talks about ways to be a planner and be creative.

And as always, the guests leave us with great tips we can implement in our own lives.

Check out Nikki and Pete’s ADHD podcast here: