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Jul 25, 2019

This week we talk with Lysa Miller, cofounder of 3MediaWeb, a digital marketing agency based in Hudson Massachusetts. We talk with Lysa about running and growing a digital marketing agency in a fast-paced industry, taking into consideration the constant changes in the world of marketing and PR. Lysa offers her advice and tips for creating systems that work for everyone on the team and how to manage the distractions of a digital world.

Some of the other topics we discuss are:

Running a fast-paced company in a rapidly changing industry. How do her and her team keep on top of the changing digital marketing landscape.

Social media is a big part of her business, so we discuss how they make it work in their favor.

Lysa likes to keep busy and we discuss why this is such an important part of how she manages her day and how it works in her favor when staying productive. She also keeps her team busy as well in the community and she speaks about the culture they have established by getting involved in the local community.

And she shares her tips for those that need a little help in staying on track, focused in business and need to minimize distractions.

You can find Lysa at:

Instagram: @lysapreneaur