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Dec 17, 2019

This week we discuss some of the more popular myths about ADHD. And back to discuss this topic is Cameron Gott, an ADHD coach that works with adults, leaders and others in high-demand positions. Cam was on Overcoming Distractions in episode 39 when we discussed good brain management for those with ADHD.


There are countless myths about ADHD that you will find out there on the internet and beyond. Dave and Cam discuss some of these in a humorous and frustrating way to try and shed more light on the topic and understanding of ADHD.


Cam and Dave talk about the ultimate ADHD myth and that is the notion that ADHD is not real. With science behind the diagnosis of ADHD, there is more than enough proof that ADHD is a real thing. But listen to hear more about this myth.


Another very popular myth as that ADHD is just in kids. If you know anything about ADHD, it is best described as an unregulated amount of dopamine that enters the prefrontal cortex of the brain. While many may learn to cope, and become more self-aware, the fact is that you do not outgrow your ADHD.


Another topic that Dave and Cam chat about is the belief that people with ADHD are not successful. As you may know, Dave wrote Overcoming Distractions and interview many successful entrepreneurs with ADHD so those of us in the ADHD community know that there are many successful individuals that have made a great impact in business and in life.


How can we educate people about ADHD? Cam and Dave chat about the countless resources out there that both those with and without ADHD can tap into to find out more about the topic.


If you want to find out more about Cameron Gott and ADHD coaching, check out his website: