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Jul 16, 2022

Jeff Gibbard and Sara Ohanesian are back on the podcast to discuss ADHD and the myths surrounding productivity and focus.

Many people with ADHD have let Tick Tock, Twitter, and Instagram influence how they think about their behaviors and habits. Especially when it comes to strategies and tactics for being productive and focused. To be direct, we let others on social media tell us what works and doesn't. When in fact, those with ADHD need to try a variety of these tactics to find out what works for us and our personal circumstances.

We discuss the following in this podcast about productivity and ADHD.

First, why do we let outside influences dictate our abilities? And have some of us just made up our minds? We discuss why we need to be curious and not dismissive of productivity tactics. One tried, and true way is to break projects down into small chunks and learn about the different systems that allow us to complete these projects.

We talk about paying attention to what is working for you as a person with ADHD as well as what it feels like. We talk about paying attention to your reactions and when you try a certain productivity technique, try to understand if you like it or do not like it.

The podcast covers so much more regarding myths about ADHD and productivity. Stay with it until the end because this podcast offers many great tips.

If you have your mind made up about the productivity techniques that are working or not working for you, this podcast will change your mind.

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