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Oct 11, 2019

Overcoming Distractions was founded on the belief that people with ADHD can thrive and be successful, despite what you see and hear from others. Many entrepreneurs have ADHD and many with ADHD become entrepreneurs.

Many also enter leadership roles in other organizations and are responsible for not only the direction of a company but are charged with leading others. How does someone in leadership manage their ADHD and use it to their advantage?

This podcast we chat with David Rickabaugh of Leading With ADHD. David works with professionals and leaders that just happen to have ADHD and help them become better leaders as well as use their Superpowers of ADHD to become even more effective.

We discuss:

What superpowers can a leader with ADHD bring to an organization and what are the challenges associated with having ADHD in a leadership role. We chat about how to stay focused as a leader when you have employees and others under your direction.

We also discuss if it is difficult for someone to lay out their challenges honestly or if it comes naturally. Can someone with ADHD be true to themselves to work through challenges.

David walks us through how he helps leaders with ADHD create an “Owner’s Manual” so they can perform better as a leader and david gives us his top tips for fostering the superpowers of ADHD when you are in a business setting.

Find out more about David here: