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Nov 20, 2021

There are a number of important ways to manage your adult ADHD. One critical factor and thriving with adult ADHD is to ensure you have proper sleep habits. Not only getting enough sleep but getting quality sleep is just as important.

In this episode we speak with Kelly Myerson is an author and a sleep expert as well as an occupational therapist. Kelly walks us through strategies for proper sleep, tackling mindset the environments as well as healthy habits for sleep.

Kelly first discusses is what happens during sleep that can help us perform better the next day. She talks about how sleep restores certain cells in the brain and how getting enough sleep helps us with both our physical and mental health.

She also talks about what happens when we don't get the adequate sleep that the ADHD brain needs. That includes a decrease in executive functions at the overall lack of focus. She also discusses why the ADHD brain actually requires healthy sleep habits.

Kelly gives us strategies for creating the best sleep environment how to create better sleep habits. She gives us tips for how to slow our brain down before sleep time and she also provides advice for people with ADHD who historically do not sleep well.

She says you need to develop good habits as well as a devotion to getting a good night's sleep.

And if all else fails, it's time to call a sleep specialist or your doctor.

Find Sleep Expert and Occupational Therapist Kelly Myerson here at her website.