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Jul 20, 2020

We have Dr. Hackie Reitman back from on this podcast to discuss why we all need some inspirational stories in our lives to boost our mood.

Hackie is the founder of Different Brains, a website that has tremendous resources for all types of brains and is an incredible place to learn and be inspired.

Hackie recently published a blog about Hunter Wittrock, a young man with cerebral palsy who trained for months to be able to walk across the stage to get his diploma. Dave and Hackie discuss that story and why others stories just like it help to improve our mood and sometimes get us out of a slump or bad day.

Dave and Hackie talk about what they think his motivation might have been and what others can take away from his strong desire to make such an impact for his own life.

Hackies discusses why he feels we need these stories in our live and how they help the brain cope with bad days and how they assist us in improving our moods.

How can we create these stores for ourselves? Hackie talks about that as well.

And we talk some boxing from Hackie’s pro boxing days and some lessons we can all take away from  that.

Find Different Brains here:

And read Hackie’s blog post here: