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Jan 14, 2023

Many adults with ADHD can also experience imposter syndrome.

Some even say it is much more common in adults with ADHD than others.

That is the focus of this podcast with Matthew Zakreski a licensed clinical psychologist.

Dr. Matt as many address him, gives an overview of imposter syndrome and what it might feel like. He says one thing that sticks out is when somebody gives us praise, we either feel relief or we celebrate the success.

He discusses why it may affect people with ADHD more.

Dr. Matt gives several examples of imposter syndrome and discusses how we can become more self-aware, including reflecting on situations when we feel our best and our worst and how to find context in every situation that doubts us.

He discusses how we can move forward with intention.

And he gives listeners advice on how to begin limiting imposter syndrome in our lives and possibly overcoming imposter syndrome. He talks about how to build confidence, better habits around doubtful situations, and even some quick tips if you're considering a career change that may doubt you.

You can find Matthew Zakreski PsyD here: