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Jun 18, 2022

This week we have back Grant Crowell, Author of Grantasms Creative twisted words for cool people!  and a self-professed social wordsmith. Grant and Dave discuss how to go back to the office full time, survive in a continuing remote work environment or how maximize hybrid working.

As we are all too familiar with, the pandemic challenged our way of working for just about everyone. Especially if you work in an office environment. Now, after two plus years, many companies are refocusing their efforts on what their workforce will look like and how they will work.

Grant is a seasoned corporate trainer in many different environments and industries and shares his tips in part one of this series on how to maximize your work environment, regardless of where you work.

Grant discusses what he saw that were some major challenges to remote work including the basic needs of having an office, inadequate Internet connections, and getting used to sporadic communication with coworkers and supervisors. Create also talks about the challenges that come with remote work and a hybrid work model whether you have ADHD or not.

Dave and Grant discussed the importance of taking control of various aspects of your work in conditions. These include getting ahead of time management, speaking up when certain communication styles are not working for you as well as not being afraid to ask for the accommodations that will help you do your job better.

Keep your eye out for Part 2 of this podcast.

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