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Jun 27, 2020

If you have ever felt like you did not belong in a certain situation or you thought you were not good enough to be working in a career or job, this is a great podcast episode for you to listen to.

Impostor Syndrome is feeling inadequate in various settings or having a feeling that you have not earned the right to be where you are. Are you working in a career that you did not get a formal education in? Are you constantly in a room full of very successful people and feel out of place or feel like a fraud?  That’s impostor Syndrome.

In this podcast on Impostor Syndrome, we talk with Jen Coken and she walks us through what impostor syndrome is, how it might be formed and why we think we have not earned the right to be where we are in life. Jen works as an executive coach, a speaker and she holds several other programs to help individuals achieve their best and get the most out of life and career. You’ll also find her performing stand up comedy from time to time so you know this podcast interview is going to be a great one!

Jen talks about how damaging this can be to our self esteem, our confidence and our ability to manage our career or business and what we can do to start to overcome this negative pattern of thinking.

Jen talks about what regular activities you can practice to stay positive and who can help you work through these types of challenges.

And as always, our guest gives us her top tips for overcoming impostor syndrome that you can implement today!

Fine more about Jen Coken and her offerings at her website:

Find her webinar on impostor syndrome here: