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Jan 25, 2018

We have so many distractions in business and in life. From our own minds trying to take over every minute to the external distractions that invade our lives at every minute of the day. And then we enter clutter and disorganization into our business and that’s when things can get frustrating.

In this episode of Overcoming Distractions, the Podcast, we talk with Dana Rayburn, an ADHD coach and former professional organizer. Dana still works with business professionals to help them be more productive as well as get organized in the office and at home.

Some of the items we discuss about getting organized are:

Why is clutter and disorganization so distracting? 

What can disorganization do to your job performance or your business? And, what does it do to your life?

How do you get started on organizing your professional world? Without getting frustrated.

How do you get organized electronically? Such as computer files, banking records, etc…Other non-paper items…

What should people ultimately strive for in getting organized?

To learn more about Dana Rayburn, her coaching, ADHD Success Club, Clutter Free with ADHD, and other offerings, check out her website at: