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Aug 17, 2020

If you are looking for some great advice on how to achieve some peace of mind in this busy world, this is a great podcast for you to listen to. Giovanni Dienstmann is the guest and he is a meditation teacher and coach. Giovanni is also the author of Practical Medication, A Simple Step by Step Guide. Giovanni calmly walks us through some of his approach to gaining a more peaceful life on this episode.

We talk about the concept of the monkey mind, what it is and what the monkey mind can prevent us from doing in life and business. How the monkey mind clutters our thoughts and ways we can tame that distracted mind.

Giovanni discusses the three pillars of mindfulness including calm, centered and focused. He discussed the difference between all of them and how achieving some mastery over these traits, we can become much more relaxed and aware of our minds, body and surroundings.

Giovanni gives his experts tips on how to get started on a mindfulness program and simple exercises to begin the practice of mindfulness. He also talks about other ways to practice meditation and mindfulness including walking.

We take time toward the end to have a chat about the bully in our minds and Giovanni takes time to walk us through ways we can tame the bully in our heads.

You can find out more about Giovanni, his courses, book and coaching here at his website.