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Sep 10, 2022

How do we prioritize when we have adult ADHD? How do we plan both our personal and professional lives and how do we create organization and build time management systems? All these are related when it comes to adult ADHD and that is the discussion for this podcast.

ADHD, at its most basic level is a challenge with executive functions. And many with ADHD have difficulty with planning and executing important tasks. We will discuss the basics of how many aspects of our lives affect “getting stuff done!”

Back on the podcast is ADHD coach Jeff Copper with DIG Coaching.

Jeff uses a phrase called task Darwinism to explain how executive functions play a role in all parts of our lives and he begins the podcast by explaining what he means.

Dave and Jeff discuss how many people with ADHD make planning and organization too complicated. They also discuss why clarity is one of the most important things a person with ADHD needs to have in all aspects of life. For example, being clear on directions from clients or your boss at work.

Not having clarity is a recipe for procrastination and unnecessary stress.

Jeff also discusses the difference between the word ‘should’ and ‘will’ and how these affect planning and organizing tasks.

Jeff also gives tips towards the end of the podcast about staying away from panic mode when it's challenging to get stuff done.

You can connect with Jeff Copper below.