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May 14, 2022

Every organization needs different viewpoints, regardless of its size. To solve problems and move forward, different types of brains and thinking styles can be a tremendous advantage in any size business.

Sarah Ohanesian and Jeff Gibbard join the podcast this week to discuss how they work together with different types of brains. Working together, they provide companies with productivity training. And because they each have a different type of brain, they can be far more effective than other consultants.

Jeff has ADHD, and Sarah does not. Because of this, they feel they have an advantage when working with clients.

Dave, Sarah, and Jeff have a wide-ranging discussion about how different brains can work well together.

One of the major advantages Jeff and Sarah see is that they have the ability to work with other different brains as well as identify people who may need different approaches to productivity.

They also discuss why clarity is the backbone of any business and any individual. If you are an adult with ADHD in the business world and you are not seeking clarity, you will find yourself having all types of challenges with productivity, procrastination, time management, and task initiation.

What can leaders of companies take away from having different types of brains in their workforce? Sarah and Jeff answered this question. But it all comes down to different ways of solving problems.

Because Sarah and Jeff teach productivity, Dave asks them for a few tips to maximize productivity in business and in life. First, recognize different people have different strengths and weaknesses. Next is to be very open about clarity. You should seek it in every aspect of your life.

Honest conversations bring about that clarity and make productivity easier and teamwork much better. Also, Sarah and Jeff talk about the need to have systems in place especially when you need to manage adult ADHD.

And for many, visual processing is huge for being productive so look at techniques such as mind mapping and Kanban boards.

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