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Nov 6, 2021

There comes a time where everyone regardless of ADHD needs a great mentor or coach. How do you find the right ADHD coach and when is it time to get ADHD coaching? Those are some of the topics discussed in this podcast.

Dave's guest is Evan Kirstein of Progressive Growth Coaching. Evan coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and adults with ADHD.

Evan talks about the types of things an ADHD coach can help you with. Those include prioritizing tasks, projects, and other commitments you have in your personal and professional life. He says that a major emphasis can be placed on executive functions and how to improve those for better performance.

Evan says a great ADHD coach can help you be honest with yourself and take ownership of responsibilities and can give you a foundation for transformation.

He says working with an ADHD coach can help you with work habits, meeting deadlines, and overall effectiveness in your professional life. And one important thing. An ADHD coach can help you pick yourself back up.

Evan covers other items in the podcast including when the appropriate time to consider working with the coaches. He covers what you should be looking for when partnering with a coach and trying to find the right fit.

He talks about whether you need an ADHD coach or just a professional coach that is a good fit and matches your values.

And he discusses is what you should do if you are resisting the idea of partnering with the coach.

Learn more about working with Evan here: