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Jan 9, 2021

If you went through the year 2020 then you probably experienced a lot of ups and downs. All of us ADHD or not experienced a lot of emotions and the year was quite a rollercoaster. Because of that, many of us probably did not have as much fun as we wanted to in our lives.

Dr. Kirsten Milliken is back on the podcast to discuss ways to have more fun in 2021. And boy do we need fun after the year we've had. Kirsten is a big advocate of using fun and play to manage your ADHD and to help you thrive in life and in business.

Kirsten is also the co-founder of "World of ADHD." The project profiles many successful individuals that just happened to have ADHD. Anyone with ADHD can submit their art, writing, music and other creative projects to show the positive aspects of having ADHD. Kirsten gives us an update on this important project.

Of course, having a discussion about fun, would not be fun without some laughs and there are plenty of laughs between Kirsten and Dave in this discussion.

Kirsten discusses is why play and fun are so important to the ADHD brain. Having fun keeps us motivated in other areas and activates that all-important dopamine that we need to get through the day. She gives us examples of how we can stay motivated and how we can actually play better.

Kirsten wraps up with her tips for incorporating fun into our lives and staying connected even in a pandemic like we have been experiencing. That includes incorporating fun in smaller environments in ways we can still meet new people.

Have you found something new and fun this year? Maybe it was cooking, a new form of exercise or you found a new TV show to binge-watch. Whatever it is, make sure you have fun this year.

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