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Aug 30, 2020

We are going right back to health and wellness 101 on this podcast episode. The guest this week is Dr. Pat Boulogne, founder of Health Team Network and the author of Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired? And we’re talking about getting back to the basics of being healthy and fit.

Dr. Pat and Dave talk about how many have either let their health decline during COVID-19 and how many others have taken this time to get back in shape, eat healthier and get on a better path and healthier lifestyle overall.

Why is it a challenge for some to get healthy and stay fit? Dr. Pat discusses why this may happen and some tips to stay focused on that healthier lifestyle. Dr. Pat also talks about the signs that we need to be aware of before we let our health and wellbeing go too far.

Dr. Pat walks us through some of the basic steps to get our health and wellness back in order, and back on track. We talk about how to implement healthy habits into our daily lives and how to make it easy and simple to follow.

And Dr. Pat wraps up our discussion with her top tips for staying healthy and fit.

Whether you have ADHD or not, or just a distracted entrepreneur, you’ll find our discussion valuable and simple to follow.

You can find Dr. Pat Boulogne and her book here: