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Apr 10, 2021

There is one thing all of us need in this world whether we have ADHD or not and that is more kindness. Those of us who have different brains understand that we not only need to be kind to each other, but we need to show ourselves some kindness as well.

This podcast is dedicated to the subject of kindness and how we can show more of it in our daily lives.

David Fryburg is the co-founder of Envision Kindness, an organization that believes shedding light on the positive things that happen in our life is incredibly important.

One of the ways the organization inspires kindness is through imagery and photography and if you visit the website you know exactly what we are talking about. The website is full of images that inspire kindness and show the good in the world.

The two Davids discuss the act of caring for others and experiencing kindness in many areas of our lives.  They talk about how kindness makes us feel connected to others as well as our inner selves.

David Fryburg talks about the psychology of images and how they can instill love, trust, joy, gratitude, and optimism as well as compassion in all of us.

They also discuss how we are all imperfect and have flaws but from kindness, we can accept each other for who we are and what we all have to offer in this world.

And David shares his tips for living in a world full of kindness.

Learn more about the organization Envision Kindness and take some time to view the powerful images on the website.